Interview with Bruce Moen

Bruce Moen og Anja LysholmIn 2010 I did this interview with my friend and teacher Bruce Moen.

The questions I asked him was collected from friends and followers through Facebook.

You can hear us talk about stuff like: How come the Afterlife is perceived so differently from person to person? What is the Afterlife like for someone who doesn’t believe in one? What is energy? Are there other civilizations out there? And much more.

He also talks about his Grandpa Project – a sort of “telephone” to the Afterlife, which turned out to be able to measure Reiki energy.

You may be surprised about what he has to say about the Big Bang.

And you can hear him tearing up as he tells a father how to communicate with his deceased son.

The whole interview lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes, and there was so much more to talk about.

You can either listen to the whole interview or one question/answer at a time if you prefer:

The whole conversation (2:45:45):

Tell us a little bit about yourself (4.10)

How come the Afterlife is percieved very differently from person to person? (25:41)

What’s the Afterlife like for those who don’t believe in one? (15:11)

A father asks “Will I have another go with my son who died 19 months ago?” (26:16)

Is a person who keeps the dark side away, a whole and balanced person? (22:39)

What is energy? (18:32)

Are there other civilizations out there? (29:51)

Is it dangerous that scientists try to recreate the big bang? (23:22)

The guide mentioned to contact a deceased loved one can be found in Bruces first book Voyages into the Unknown and also on his website here: Guidelines for Afterlife Contact

The method described is what Bruce calls a retrieval, but you can use the same method to “just” get in contact with someone you know.

✿ Bruce Moen died on the 14th. of November 2017. ❤

3 thoughts on “Interview with Bruce Moen

  1. Thank you Anja, for taking the time to write about your experiences and share! We miss him! We will preserve this audio, perhaps even ask your permission to use it when the time is right. Thank you!

  2. Dear Anya: Thank you very much for posting this interview (loved it!) and for writing about your experiences. Am glad I came upon your web site and that you are continuing Bruce Moen’s wonderful work. I read all of his books and I am planning to restart Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook. Was not quite ready for comprehending and practicing Perceiver and Interpreter. Am now in a better position. Thanks again. Sandra

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